AdNow Review: Boost your Website Earning with Native Ads


The biggest challenging in the online world is “Monetizing the Traffic“. Your Entire Success in the online world is not only depends on how you’re getting traffic but also on how perfectly you’re monetizing that traffic.

The first purpose of any business is “Profit” i.e. earning. By “Profile”, don’t think anything wrong, I mean – If you don’t make profile one day you’ll have to shut down your business.

That also true in case of Blogging or in online business, you should be aware of every methods of monetizing your traffic in perfect way that maximizes your earning.

Adnow Review Boost Website Earning with Native Ads


Native Advertising is one of such method that lets you monetize your traffic – increase your profile to maximum possible if used in the effective way.

What is Native Advertising?

Native Advertising is one of the fastest growing trends in the online advertising world. The biggest advantage with Native Advertising is that it attracts more users’ attention than any traditional banner ads. Yes, the studies have been shown that it attracts 60% more attention than just normal banner ads.


Native Advertising

It also establishes a WIN-WIN situation for Publisher, Reader as well as for Advertiser as they are getting High CTR (Click Through Rate) as well as High Conversion Rate and finally proves to be more effective.

Native Ads is a type of paid media placement that matches with the type of Content with same type – Post Title, Thumbnail image i.e. similar content structure on your blog that looks like original blog’s content.

So, Native Advertising is really biggest advertising trend nowadays and AdNow has gained most leading position.

What is AdNow – A Native Advertising Network

AdNow is one of the big names in Native Advertising market. As I already said AdNow is a Global Native Ads network works with over 190,000 partners across 107 countries. It is serving over 4.2 billion impressions each month on both desktop and mobile that increasing rapidly.

Adnow Native Ads


AdNow is working hard every day to improve their products and algorithms to provide high incomes for both Advertisers as well as Publishers.

AdNow offers wonderful opportunity for publishers to monetize their blogs by placing widget in their blogs/websites. The best part is “Widget is fully customizable” so you can customize it according to your choice and your blogs. You can receive your first profit in a week. Here is all benefits for publishers:

Key Benefits for Publishers:

  • Easy to make account and start making money.
  • Weekly Payment system with minimum thresold $20 and payment options is – PayPal, Wire Transfer & Payoneer.
  • No code conflicts with other ad codes, so you can use with other ads network too.
  • Non-English sites/blogs can also join this navtive ad network.
  • Average native ad CTR of 1.15%
  • Highly customizable ads widgets.
  • Referrer system for extra profit.
  • Pays better than their competitor i.e. Competitive rates.
  • Global coverage in 107 countries.
  • Easy to track Revenue and other Performance in real-time.
  • Personal account manager with your local language support.

Rules & Regulations:

AdNow has its own strict rules against spammers thereby protecting their uses against scam related frauds and illegal traffic. So, you must not break any of their rules.

Sites Must Not:

  • Have broken copyright laws, must not contains copyright materials.
  • Contain objectionable content like adult, spam, viruses like – spyware, adware or malware.
  • Perform or promote illegal activities.

Publishers Must Not:

  • Use any bots or software to manipulate clicks.
  • Click on their ads.
  • Use proxies, VPN, or PTC sites for driving fake traffic.

How to Get Start with AdNow?

This is really easy and one-time process. How easy? This is because unlike other Native ads network like Taboola, Outbrain etc… It doesn’t take much time to approve your account or verify your blog/site by adding any code. So the entire process is much flexible.

  • Firstly, SignUp for AdNow Publisher Account.
  • Verify your email just by clicking on the Verification Link received in email.
  • Once the email is verified, create your widget.
  • Customize and finally place it on your website and make $$$.
  • That’s it. And, In case, if you have any difficulty in placing ads code or need any help then you can get in touch with “Support“, their “Support” will feel happy to help you.

Publisher Account Overview (User Interface):

User Interface is almost similar to any other standard Ad Networks. If you have some experiences of working with any ad network before then you would be aware of all the terms (Tabs) such as – Sites, Widgets, Statistic, and Tickets etc. However, I’m explaining each term in short.

Adnow User Interface OverView


  • Sites: In publisher panel, Sites Tab displays the list of sites that you have added to manage with your AdNow account.
  • Widgets: From the Widget option, you can create and customize the ads widget (content recommendation widget) by tweaking the size, font, text, format, and background. Even, you will see the live preview of the widget. So, just grab the HTML code and place it on your site.
  • Statistics: As the name itself says, this option will show your all the statistics or data related to the widgets like – impression, clicks, earning. Also, you can view across custom defined time range
  • Tickets: If you need any help from Support, you can get from this tab.
  • Referral Link: This is the interesting feature of AdNow, you can click on “Referral Link” option to get your referral link. Promote this link and earn 5% of referral commission/income.

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This was for AdNow Publisher account; they have a different user interface for advertiser, also with separate login that you can use if you’re an advertiser and want to promote your product.

SignUp Now


AdNow Native Ad Network neither conflict with existing AdSense ad code on your website nor it affects your current earning. It is suitable for all type of webmasters/bloggers as it doesn’t require any strict minimum traffic for approval. However, your actual earning basically depends on quality & amount of traffic.

It works well for all type of sites and the CTR and Conversion Rate is generally higher than any traditional Ads as it looks like original content. So, what are you waiting for? You can share your further on my above informative deck at below comment box or in case, If you want to directly reach AdNow support team for further inquiries then join AdNow official Digital Forum thread from this link.



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