10 APK to Root Android without PC/Computer [Rooting APK APP 2017]

Top 10 Root APK Apps on How to Root Android with or without PC/Computer in 2017.

Do you wanna root your Android phone? Are you looking for best root apps for Android which can root your Android device without any hassles? Well ! Today I am gonna present the Top 10 One Click Rooting Apps by which you can root any of your Android device within a few steps.

Many Android users have a dream to root their android device and still, some of the Android users think that rooting an Android Phone is a time-consuming task and it needs a computer. What do you think? I have seen, peoples were searching many questions on Google, Facebook & Forums such as –

  • How to Root Android without PC or Computer?
  • How can I Root my Android by using Computer/PC?
  • What are the best root Apps?
  • Which are the top free one-click Android rooting app?
  • How to Root Lolipop, Marshmallow or Nougat?
  • What are the best root apk apps for Android Nougat, Marshmallow or Lolipop, Kitkat?
  • And many more questions.

If you’re having any questions like this or what any information on Rooting an Android then you’re at the right places. In this post, I will not only tell you what the Android rooting is but also give you the list of Top & Best Free One Click Android Rooting Apps with step by step guides to Root your Android. So, you can use this Root App for rooting your Android without any difficulties and also without any risk of getting your device bricked. Lets proceed.

What is Android Rooting?

Rooting an Android is the process which allows Android OS users to get Root access over the device. After rooting you’ll have administrative power and access the entire operating system and be able to customize just about anything on your Android which are by default blocked by the Device manufacturer for safety and security purposes.

With root access, you can get around any restrictions that your manufacturer may have applied & attain full root access to Android OS. It gives you privileges to modify the software code on the device or install other software that the manufacturer wouldn’t normally allow you to run, for good mobile security reason; they don’t want users to modify the phones that could result in accidents beyond repair.

Rooting Android is similar to jailbreaking process for iOS devices. After rooting or enabling superuser access on Android devices, you’ll have many option to experience the hidden features of your Android smartphone.

Most manufacturers take a lot of time to release firmware updates on their android devices. So, you can use your rooted android phone to enjoy custom ROMs with latest version of android and many exciting features before it’s officially available on your phone.

What is Root APK APP or One Click Rooting Software?

Root APK is the app developed for Android which is necessary for installing the Root APP and the root app is the app which made Android rooting process very easy and safe. gives you the opportunity to Root your Android device in just one click without any risk of getting your Phone damage.

You can download any of the below mention root apps and use it to root your Android even if you are a basic user having little knowledge about the process. Also, the Android root Apk App comes in very small size (in a few KBs), so it requires very less amount of data to install Root App on your Android. Also, other benefits of Root APK Apps are it supports most of the devices and the success rate of getting rooted is very high.

Benefits of Rooting Android Phone

If we tell you honestly, there are unlimited benefits of having a Rooted Android phone. Some useful benefits are discussed below which will make you more clear why you should Root your Android device in 2017.

#1 Install “Incompatible or Special” Apps:

There are many useful apps for Android that requires root access to perform the action. Sp, after rooting your Android, you can run many incompatible and special applications that require root access on you phone. Generally root application provides more features than regular applications.

#2 Flash a Custom ROM:

This is one of the most powerful features in rooted android device. Many Custom or Modified ROMs are available that we can use them on our android device. These custom ROMs bring many tweaks and performance improved and are much more user-friendly. Also you can install latest updates by flashing your device. If your manufacturer doesn’t provide updated version for your phone, you can update latest version just by rooting your phone.

#3 Free Internal Storage and Make More Free RAM:

If your phone has low internal memory, then you can transfer any application from internal memory to External SD Card. This feature you will get after rooting your phone. One can find some application that provide the option by default. But if they want to force move an app by creating a symlink, they must use an app that works on only rooted android phones.

#4 Fully Customize Your device:

After rooting, you will have administrative privileges for customization and theming options. You can install many other home screen launchers, widgets and custom fonts of your choice on your android phone.

#5 Boost Your Phone’s Speed and Battery Life:

Without rooting you can also speed up your phone and increase battery life but there are many android applications are available on android market which are only for rooted phone (you can’t run on unrooted device) which lets you to overclock your phone for better performance or underclock your phone for better battery life. So, rooted android phone has comparatively more features than unrooted phone.

#6 Block Ads in Any App:

While surfing the Web, you might have observed few ads on some websites. Now, if your phone have slow internet or 2G internet connection, the browsing speed will be slow and you will waste your time badly. Also, You might have observed few ads while playing some games or using some applications. Sometimes, you are surfing the Internet or downloading something from the online website and a dirty ads annoys you. You can block popup ads from Games, apps and browsers.

Dis-Advantages Of Rooting Android Phone:

There are also some disadvantages of rooting a phone which are listed below:

#1 Risks of Bricking Device:

While trying to root your android device, small mistake can put your device in problem and process will end up with bricked phone. A bricked phone is just like a brick in you hand. It can happen if you missed any steps of rooting tutorial while rooting your phone, or may be due to power loss during installation. But don’t worry you can fix it by flashing your phone and If you follow the rooting instruction properly you would not brick anything.

#2 Voiding Phone’s Warranty:

Rooting will void the warranty of your android device. This is most common reason why many android users don’t want to root in warranty period. However, you can reinstate the warranty by unrooting your device.

#3 Security Issue (Virus Attack):

When you install Incompatible apps from third party sources (Unknown Source), actually you don’t know what it contains and also you’re giving root access. It may contain some virus or malware. So, rooting may cause some virus or other security problems. However, you’d be able to prevent virus attack by using Anti-Virus app on your phone.

Preparing before you Root Any Android Phone:

Follow these tips before rooting your device, It is not necessary but recommended.

  • Make sure that your Android device is at least 50% Charged.
  • Uninstall all Antiviruses on your device before you proceed, many of them consider Root APK App as virus.
  • Backup important files in case anything goes wrong.

Top 10 Best Free Root APK APP to Root Android without PC/Computer:

#1 Framaroot APK APP – Oldest One Click Root APP

Framaroot is one of the best & powerful root apps for Android that lets you root your Android phone without Computer. Framaroot supports most of the Android smartphone brand and models and it roots most of the Smartphones in just one click. That’s why it has become most popular Android Rooting software or root app without PC.

Framaroot.apk is developed by “Alephzain“, a user from XDA Developer forum. Framaroot allows you to gain root privileges in Android smartphone or Android tablet by installing Superuser and SU binary in it. Framaroot App is not available in Google Play Store. But, you can download the latest version of Framaroot apk app from the download link provided in the download section. It supports Android 2.3 to Android 4.2.2. only.

Features of Framaroot APK APP:

  • One Click Root APP: Framaroot is oldest one click root application that allows you to gain root access or administrator access on your Android device just by installing SuperUser and SupoerSu on the device.
  • Framaroot APP has Multiple Exploits: Framaroot Apk APP comes with many exploits i.e. Aragorn, Barahir, Boromir, Faramir, Frodo, Gandalf, Gollum, Legolas, Pippin etc. These exploits helps you to get your Android rooted within just one click.
  • Framaroot APK allows Quick UnRoot: Framaroot App has inbuilt option for One Click Unroot. So, whenever you want to unroot your Android, you can do it within just one click. So, again that exploits allows you to unroot your Device.

Steps to Root Android with Framaroot APK in One Click without PC:

Step 1 : At first, allow “Unknow Source” by navigating to Setting > Security > Unknown Source (ignore this step if you already allow).

Step 2 : Download Framaroot Apk file on your Phone directly or you may download it to your computer and send it to your Phone and then Install it.

Download Framaroot APK

Step 3 : After installing, open Framaroot. Now you will see it is asking to Select an action to execute after root, Just select ‘Install SuperSu‘ or ‘Execute script/sdcard/custom’. Here ‘Install SuperSu‘ is recommended.

Step 4 : Now select any one exploit from the list. Once the exploits execution has been successfully completed, it will ask to reboot. Just reboot your device and you’re done.

Framaroot APK APP Download

Step 5 : Your device is successfully rooted. In case it fails to root try with another exploit.

Step to Unroot Your Android using Framaroot APP:

If you want to Unroot your phone, Just select Unroot instead of any other execution and do the same process which I explained in rooting process and you will see just like below picture. After reboot uninstall SuperSu (if not already uninstalled).

Unroot Android in One Click

More Root APP Tutorials Comming Soon…!

FAQs related to Android Rooting:

Q). Can I UnRoot My Device If I Change My Mind?
A). Yes, you can unroot any rooted android phone whenever you want. Some for the specific type of device you might need to do some research.

Q). Should I Root My Android Phone?
A). We can only give Suggestion/recommendation/ideas/information about rooting to you but the final decision totally depend on you. If you root your device, you would have many advantages. However, disadvantages are also there which are mentioned above. If you want full root access to your phone you can root it. Decision is always yours.

Best Root APK APP (Conclusion)?

Here we explained Android Rooting and shared the list of Top 10 Best Free One Click Rooting APK Apps with step by step instructions to root your Android Phone in the safe & easy way.

Rooting Android phone is a very easy process, believe me, it is just like a restarting process and rooting or unrooting depends on your requirements and your choice. We hope this article helped you all in rooting your Android Smartphone

If you follow all instruction properly then you can successfully root your device and if have any query or problem in related to Rooting, then feel free to ask and please share your Ideas/suggestions/feedback in the comment box.


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      In case, if your device isn't listed just try Framaroot once, if not work then go for another tools i.e. towel root , one click root etc.


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