Best Way to Download Torrent Files Faster with IDM


Recently I have posted a tutorial regarding How to Download Android APP Directly from Play Store with Apk Downloaders. In this tutorial I explained regarding How to download Torrent files Faster using IDM.

Best Way to Download Torrent Files Faster with IDM
Torrent is #1 way for every internet users to download anythings such as Movies, songs, videos or any software, games kind of files. Generally we download torrent files by using torrent clients i.e. uTorrent or Bit Torrent. But as we know the download speed of Torrent clients are too slow and I have seen at many places most of the internet users are asking How they can download Torrent files directly with IDM. which resulted in creation of this topic. In this tutorial i have explained about How to download Torrent files with Internet Download Manager and also given some best sites which let you to perform this job without uTorrent or Bit Torrent.

Benefits of Downloading Torrent Files With IDM

There are many advantages of downloading torrent files with Internet Download Manager and some of them may be given as follows.

  • Internet Download Manager can boost downloading speed upto 6 times due to its own intelligent technology.
  • It doesn’t matter how the torrent’s health is.
  • No network restriction because you can still download by configuring proxy in IDM even the torrent is blocked in your workplace.
  • Process is too easy.
  • No any other software needs to install.

How to Download Torrent Files Faster with IDM

#1 Zbigz Lets You Download Files Faster with IDM

Zbigz is an online Torrent client which let you download torrent files easily an directly with IDM. It offers both Free and Premium membership. The free members can download files of less than 1 GB at a time and also speed is limited to 150KB/sec. If you want to download torrent files of more than 1 GB on Zbigz then you needs to buy premium membership. A premium member of Zbigz can also get full downloading speed depending on the bandwidth of your internet connection. Let’s see the process. Also, check champcash refer to earn unlimited money from your Android phone.
  • At first download the Torrent files (which contain .torrent file extension) from any good torrent site and save it anywhere on your computer hard drive.
  • Open internet browser and go to
  • Create a Free Account (Verify account if necessary) & Login there.
Register and Login into Zbigz Account
  • Just Upload your torrent file (has .torrent file extension) and click on Go! as shown in picture.
Upload .torrent on Zbigz
  • When you will click on Go! button, you will see a popup windows to select out of Free or Premium. So now click on Free if you want to use their free services. (Note: If you’r a free member then Maximum file size must be under 1GB).
Download Torrent Files Faster with IDM by Zbigz Free or Premium
  • Once the cashing completes, your files will be ready to download. click on Zip button to download in zip format or you can also download only that file which needs to download.
Best Way to Download Torrent Files Faster with IDM by Zbigz
  • Your file will be available in your Zbigz account for 7 days and within these 7 days you can pause or resume downloading. After that file will be automatically removed.
  • That’s it. Your Torrent is successfully converted into direct download link and your files start downloading.
Download Torrent with IDM by Zbigz

#2 Using Bytebx: Download Download Files Faster with IDM is the another best website which lets you to convert torrent into direct download link. Just like Zbigz Bytebx also offers both Free as well as premium membership. In free Bytebx account it allows you to download files upto 2.5GB of size. Once you will upload your torrent file on Bytebx, it will cache and will store for 5 days and after 5 days the file will be automatically deleted also it gives downloading speed of 100KB/sec. And in premium account you will get Unlimited downloading speed. So its your choice to use either free account or premium depending upon your requirements.

Steps for Downloading Torrent using Bytebx.

  • Point your browser to and register a free account. Also verify your email to activate bytebx account by clicking on the link received in your email.
Signup on Bytebx
  • After activating the account, sign into your Bytebx account and go to Storage page on Bytebx. Once the page opens just click on Upload Torrent.
  • You will see a popup windows enter the URL (or Magnet link of torrent) or click on upload torrent and choose your torrent file that you want to download and after that click on GO.
Upload torrent on
  • When the caching completes, click on blue color Download button located in Action coloumn.
  • Your file will start downloading.

Other Best Sites For Downloading Torrent with IDM

There are also many websites are available on internet which lets you to download torrent files directly with your download manager. To use this these sites first go to their home page and follow necessary instructions on that particular site to perform such operation. Some best websites are given below.


In this article I have shared some best websites which allow you to convert any torrent files into direct download link so that you can download it with your favorite Download Manager. Hope you have enjoyed our tutorial. Do you need premium of these sites, here is Zbigz Premium Account 2016. If you have any questions or want to give suggestion regarding any article then don’t forget to give your feedback. Stay tuned.


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