Remove Footer Credit Link from Blogger Template without Redirecting to Any Website

Many websites are available on the internet which provides very stylish blogger template at very low cost. If you purchase their template than that template will not contain any credit link. These websites also provide most of the free blogger template with Non-removable credit link. Means, what? If you’ll try to remove credit link from their […]

5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Top Coupons When Shopping Online

Coupons can help you make your purchases much more affordable than ever before. The Top Coupons allow you to stretch your budget while having a better online shopping experience. You will be able to purchase items which were outside your budget in the past. And with the growing cost of living, coupons can prove to […]

How To Fully Approve Google AdSense Account in First Attempt (Yes, We Got)

Here is How To Fully Approve Google AdSense Account in Very First Attempt. Google AdSense is the best ads network company to monetize a blog or a website. Many other Ads networks are available in the Internet but AdSense is the first Ads network  that comes to mind of every Blogger to monetize money their blog […]

How to Add Pattern Lock on Windows 10/8.1/8/7 PC/Laptop

Here is How to Add Pattern Lock on Windows PC. Every Android user should be familiar with the pattern lock system. Pattern lock normally used on touchscreen Smartphones which is a very popular security mechanism of the device where you need to join different dots together to form a pattern and unlock the screen. Are […]

Top 11 Hidden Funny Google Tricks

Top & Best Funny Google Tricks Hello friends, As we all know, Google is the best Search Engine in the world that provide information related to our query and then we easily solve our problems. Google also provides Google+, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Books etc. and I’m sure that there is no need of more […]

How to Add Recycle Bin Feature to Android Phone – Dumpster

Android OS has become popular because of the affordable and powerful device. An Android device can perform various functions, just like your computer and now, these days, many of us are having Android phones. In this article, we take a look on Recycle Bin feature in Android Phone. Recycle Bin a little feature which can […]

How To Create Nameless Folder In Computer – Folder Without Name

Hi Friends, Today, I’m with a small but interesting tutorial. You may have created thousand of folders in your computer but, have you ever wanted or tried to create Nameless Folder i.e. Folder without any name?  Here, i will let you known How To Remove Name of any Folder and make them Nameless In Windows OS […]

How to Bypass / Solve Facebook Picture Verification

Here is How to Bypass Facebook Picture Verification or How to Solve Facebook Picture Verification. Facebook is #1 online social networking website/service. Almost every internet users are using/enjoying facebook because it is also popular and free that means users don’t need to pay to use their service except internet charges. In other hand it has […]

How to Bypass Email Verification on Any Website

How to Bypass Email Verification on Any Website Here you will learn How to Bypass Email Verification on Any Websites using Temporary Email Websites or with Top 10 Disposable Mail Services. Many websites require you to sign up to use a particular service/website. Some of the websites ask your e-mail to increase the security level […]