Check Which Version of Windows is Installed in Your PC

Different people likes to use different Operating System on their Computer/Laptop. This article is about MS Windows. If you are using any version of Microsoft Windows then you can easily check/determine the version of the windows that’s currently running in your Computer. Yes its too easy, As you know every job can be performed in various ways so, there are also various methods to check which version of windows you are using. Today I have posted the best possible methods, the help of which you can easily perform this job. Please check all methods and give your feedback.

Methods to Check Which Version of Windows is Installed.

Method 1: (Using Run Command):

  1. Press Win-Key + R to start Run Command.
  2. Type Winver.
  3. Hit Enter.

This will pop up a new “About Windows” window giving you the version of Microsoft Windows, the build info, and service pack information if any service pack is installed as shown in picture below.

Check Version Using Run Command

Method 2 (Using CMD):

You can also determine version of running windows by using Command Prompt.

  1. Open a MS-DOS command prompt. ( Press Win Key + R and then Type cmd and hit Enter to open MS-DOS Command Prompt.)
  2. Type ver or systeminfo
  3. Finally, hit Enter.
Type Ver in command prompt
Type Systeminfo and press Enter Key

Method 3: Check Which Version of Windows is Installed

  1. Right-click on My Computer
  2. Click on Properties. In the System Properties window as shown below the Service Pack (if installed) will be seen.
By Going to Properties of My Computer


Hope you liked it, we are working hard, so that our reader can know every tutorial in details. In this tutorial I have explained How to Check Which Version of Windows is Installed in your Windows PC/Laptop Computer. Please try all the methods and  give your feedback by commenting below.


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