How To Create Nameless Folder In Computer – Folder Without Name

Hi Friends, Today, I’m with a small but interesting tutorial. You may have created thousand of folders in your computer but, have you ever wanted or tried to create Nameless Folder i.e. Folder without any name?  Here, i will let you known How To Remove Name of any Folder and make them Nameless In Windows OS Computer/PC. This windows tricks is too old but still working and very interesting that’s why i have shared here.

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How To Create Nameless Folder?

How to Create Nameless Folder on Windows

Steps to Create Nameless Forder in Windows PC:

  • First of all, Turn ON your windows PC/Laptop
  • Go to any directory or right click on desktop.
  • Now from the context menu choose “New” then make a click on “Folder” as shown below.


  • Right Click on any folder in your computer which need to make nameless and choose ‘Rename‘.
  • Now, with the name field for the folder still highlighted, just delete it by pressing “Del” or “Delete” button.
  • The main tricks start from now, from your keyboard Press and Hold the “Alt” key and type the numers 255 from NUM key pad.
  • Now release the “Alt” key and press the Enter key.
  • You’r done. Now see your folder is nameless. You have successfully created folder without name.
Steps are not only simple but also easy. Anyone can follow this steps of this windows tricks and get success in completing the task of creating a nameless folder. However, there is another list of steps to perform this task.

How To Create Nameless Folder or Folder Without Name on Windows PC (Method 2):

Below are mentioned steps to create nameless folder or remove the folder name completely.
  • Create/Make a new folder anywhere you want,
  • Press and hold ALT key,
  • Type 0160 from NUM pad at the same time when you’r holding the ALT button.
  • Here, instead of using QWERTY keys you’r using special character which is nothing but equal to space, but not directly space.
  • Are you thinking to create more than one nameless folder in same folder/directory? Then this time, you need to type and rename it with 2 spaces.
  • In this case, select or create new folder and delete its name.
  • Press and hold ALT key and press 0160 from NUM pad.
  • Then, just release the ALT key and again hold ALT key and press 0160 from the keypad.
  • Now finally, release ALT key and hit Enter key.
  • The You can repeat the above-mentioned steps many times if you want to create many nameless folders within same directory or folder.

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Note: Make sure, you’re typing the Number with you NUMLOCK Keypad (in case of Laptop) without using the numbers below the function keys.
You can follow the above windows tricks to play prank on your friends while undertaking the task you have to ensure that your friend is not near you to guess out your mischief. These funny nameless folders can confuse your friends like hell and make them wonder that what wrong has gone with their system. Just give some time to your confused friend to deal with this situation and till then you may have lots of laughter seeing him in this situation.
After some time, you can reveal the truth to your friend that how their computer system stores the nameless folder and what was your intention behind this act. Discuss with him how you have played a prank on him. Just burst into laughter together, this will create some unforgettable and wonderful memories of your friendship.
Likes and Comments are Appreciated. If you have any doubts or comments then please mention them in the comment section below. So, now you can Create Nameless Folder in your Windows PC. If you find this post helpful then please support us by sharing the post.



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