How to Use Fetch as Google Tool to Index Blog Post in 1 Minute (With Proof)

Many friends have been asking me, why their blog post are not index fast by Google. This is because, when we post new content on our blog or any site, we need to wait for several hours or sometimes it may take some days to appear in Google Search Results especially when our website is new.
So, today I am gonna show you How to use Fetch as Google in Google Webmaster Tools to Submit and get Indexed by Google. Yes, it’s less than the 1-minute task.

What is Fetch as Google?

Fetch as Google” Tool, sometimes referred to as “Fetch as Googlebot” is an option available for bloggers/webmasters to check how a webpage is looking in Google Search when Google bot crawls that page. Fetch as Google Tool can be specially used for the following purposes:

  • To submit new web page (or new blog post) to appear in Google Search.
  • To Find out the pages due to any issues when a site is hacked by malwares.
  • To submit updated page for indexing whenever the content is updated/changed significantly.

Steps to Use Fetch as Google Tool to Index Blog Post:

  • Visit and Sign into your Google Webmaster Tools using Google Account. Add and verify your website/blog by any method (Ignore if already added and verified successfully)
  • Choose your website or blog you want to submit.
  • In Site Dashboard from left side navigation, click to expand Crawl and then make a click on “Fetch as Google
  • Now you will see a text field that begins with your domain name. Enter your web page URL or blog post URL which you want Google to index (Leave the box blank for Fetching Homepage),
  • Choose the Googlebot type Web and click on Fetch button.


Submit New Web Page Using Fetch as Google Tool
  • After Fetching the URL, only two possible status will be shown, Success or Failed. If the Fetching is successful, just click on Submit to index button as shown in picture below.


  • Now you will see a pop up to choose either “Crawl only this URL” (having limit of 500 URLs/month) or “Crawl this URL and its direct links“(having limit 10/month). Just select Crawl only this URL and click on Go button.


  • That’s it, your URL has been submitted to the index. Now relax and after a few seconds search on Google for the submitted URL , Just like below picture, you will see that your new post has been successfully indexed and appeared.




This was the simple tutorials about what is and how to use Fetch as Google Tool to Submit and index your new post to Google. This features of Google Webmaster Tools is very useful when you are updating the content of any existing post/article. So, take advantages of this awesome feature. Now its your turn to share your idea/suggestion/feedback in comment box and if you’re getting any problem feel free to ask. Stay tuned.


  1. Nice buddy it's great trick can we fatch all the post which we are going to publish in our site , and copy the link and past here , as i see , ? it this for each and every post that we are going to publish or not, or onliy first time , ,?

  2. really great tips ajit i appreciate your work i really need to know do you accept guest i want to become your partner you can check my posts i am good writer.

  3. Hi Ajit,

    Great advice to get indexed faster.

    ‘Fetch as Google’ is very useful for new blogs to get indexed by Google. Old blogs that have a good amount of backlinks don’t need to use this tool.

    I mainly use this tool whenever I change URL or title of a post to let Google know about the changes.


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