How to Create a Free Blog on Blogger in Just 2 Minutes

Hi everyone,
I created this blog (i.e., so first of all, Welcome all of you in our new blog. Today I’m going to post our first article on AllTechWay, in this tutorial, I will show you how you can create a blog on blogger platform without any types of investment of money. From some days many friends asking me to teach them how to create a blog on blogger. As you know it may be too hard and time-consuming task if IHow to Create Free Blog on Blogger Platofrm will go to teach them separately. So, finally i have committed to post a tutorial so that a newbies person can start a blogging for free. Also blogging is one of the best place to introduce yourself in the worldwide internet. Creating a blog on blogger is too easy. Let’s See.


What is Blogger?

Blogger is the Google product. It was created by Pyra Labs, which was bought by Google in 2003. Every new blogger starts blogging from These are hosted by Google at sub domain of


Advantages of Using Blogger platform: has many advantages.Some advantages may be stated as follows:

  1. is very easy to use, almost every new blogger starts blogging from
  2. No needs of the knowledge of programming language to start blogging.
  3. It is free to use.
  4. You will get free sub-domain if your blog is on Blogger.


Steps To Create Blog:

  • As blogger is Google product so you need a Google account in order to create you blog on blogger. Go to Gmail and Create a new account (ignore this point if you wanna use an existing Gmail account).
  • Once your Google account is created go to and sign in with your Google account.
Login with your Gmail account
  • Select Create a limited Blogger Profile.
Create a limited Blogger Profile
  • Type Your Name which you wanna display in your Blogger Profile and click on Continue to Blogger.
Name of your blogger profile
  • Your blogger account/profile is ready, its time to create new blog. For this click on New Blog.
Create new blog from your blogger dashboard
  • Now enter your blog Title and URL/Address for your blog and select any Template. If you have entered wrong Title and URL then no need to worry, Blogger allow you to change Title and address of your blog. Also you can update your blog’s template whenever you want.
Enter Blog Title, Address or URL, select Template and Create blog
  • Your blog is ready to post article. Select you blog and open dashboard of your blog.
Select your blog
  • Once you blog’s dashboard is opened, click on New post to post your article.
Post new content on your blog
  • Now enter the proper Title for your article and type your article. You can also use extra awesome features provided by Blogger like Label, Permalink etc.
Enter Title, type content and Post your article


Hope you will our article. If you have any questions or need help feel free to ask anything. We hope this article helps newbies in creating his/her blog on blogger platform. Please, give your feedback by commenting below in the comment box.



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