How to Bypass / Solve Facebook Picture Verification

Here is How to Bypass Facebook Picture Verification or How to Solve Facebook Picture Verification. Facebook is #1 online social networking website/service. Almost every internet users are using/enjoying facebook because it is also popular and free that means users don’t need to pay to use their service except internet charges. In other hand it has also millions of fake profiles and growing day by day.
Solve Facebook Picture Verification Problem
Facebook is working hard to make sure that every users of Facebook uses their real identity. It suspends such accounts which are pretend to be someone else, use a fake name or don’t represent a real name etc.
But here the main point is that sometimes Facebook also suspends/blocks real profile if found any specious activity with it. If your real Facebook account is suspended by Facebook then you don’t need to worry, yes you can recover it.

How to Bypass Facebook Picture Verification Process

In this article AllTechWay is going to post how to recover it. Make sure you have used your Real Name & Real Date of Birth in your profile. By using this method you will need to provide any copy of your government-issued, photo ID, School or College ID Card etc. which contain NAME and DATE OF BIRTH. Click here to know what you can submit to prove your account is real.

Steps To Recover Your Suspended Fb Account:

  • Point your browser to
  • Login with your suspended/blocked facebook account which needs to recover.
  • Click on Continue button to go to next page.
  • Now fill the Captcha and click to Continue.
  • Click on Start to go to the next step.
  • Just click on “ I’m having trouble with this Step ” from the below left corner ( As shown in figure).
Facebook Photo Verification Problem
  • Once the page is open, click to expand the last option i.e. I can’t use my phone number to verify.
  • After that, click on “submit a request” as shown in picture.
Use Mobile Number to Verify Facebook Photo Verification.
  • This is final step, fill your suspended account’s details (i.e. Full Name, Login Email ) and attach a copy of your document. Type your country ( e.g. India ) and hit on the Send button.
  • That’s it. Wait for email from facebook. You’ll get you account.


Hope This Article Will Help You In Getting Back Your Suspended Facebook Account. This was the first post on AllTechWay about Facebook. We will write more article very soon. Hope you have enjoyed How to Bypass Facebook Picture Verification Process. If you have any questions, suggestion or need help related to any content on AllTechWay, feel free to ask in comment box. We’ll try my best to solve your problem.


  1. Hi,
    Actually i made a fake name but it was my original id.when fb asked to verify it with photo id.i selected random pic (not id) and sent it..

    Now it's saying (Thanks for your help
    We’ll take a look at the documents you submitted and get back to you. If we need more help confirming your name, we’ll reach out for additional documentation.) How can i recover my previous account


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