FaceTime: How to Use Facetime Video Calling App – Features & Guide

FaceTime is a one video calling application. It is only available for Apple users like iPhone, iPad, Mac and more. FaceTime was released in Mid 2010 with some amazing features. Although Video calling at that time was nothing new to people’s knowledge, Apple attracted their users by escaping them from that old registration process and giving great video quality. Since then it is widely used by almost all Apple users.

For most users, FaceTime is quite straightforward and simple to use. Of course, there is no doubt on that, they provide you FaceTime as an in build application. Its registration is done automatically during the time of setup. Therefore, users don’t need to put any extra effort to download it or register it. FaceTime works amazingly well on all devices be it – Mac, iPad, iPod touch or iPhone. However, there is no working version for Facetime for Windows.

FaceTime for All Devices

Let’s discuss some extraordinary features of FaceTime :-

  • Simple to get started – You just need your Apple ID
  • Easy to organize your contacts – Just put people on the screen whom you want to talk
  • High – definition video – There is no doubt
  • Windows and playback controls fade away, so that you can talk without any disturbance.
  • Video calling for friends and family.
  • Users will get calls anytime, anywhere even if FaceTime is not working, so that you don’t miss it.

Now, let’s see how FaceTime works with various devices.

FaceTime on iPhone

As I have already told you that FaceTime activates automatically on iPhone. Users just need an Apple ID. During the registration, users will be configured about whether they want to associate any other e – mail id. Of course, that’s your call to take.

Facetime on Apple

Apple gives you an option where users have the choice to turn FaceTime on or off. Isn’t that cool? You just have to select your Apple setting and go to Facetime settings, then you are free to choose your options.

Facetime Apple Setting

FaceTime for iPod Touch and iPad

FaceTime is a little complicated on iPod touch and iPad as compared to iPhone. As we all know that the registration in iPhone is quite simple, users just need a phone number and a messaging application. But on iPod touch and iPad you will be requiring an e – mail id associated with Apple.

E – mail id taken for registration is just used for authentication purposes. Therefore, once the authentication is done, Apple will ask you to enter a different or same email id, users can enter any valid e – mail id.

Once you have verified the email id, you’ll never be asked to re- verify it. So, you can sit there and enjoy your life with Apple. You know what I mean!

FaceTime for Mac

OK, after iPod touch and iPad, this is going to be very easy for you. FaceTime on Mac works as it works on iPad, therefore, you don’t need to worry about any complications.

FaceTime is a standalone application on Mac. Users will be asked for an official Apple ID to log in. Of course, it would be verified and you all know the rest. You can add new email ids to it – with the similar procedure.

Mac users also get an option of on and off as iPad and iPod. You just have to go to the settings and then you can look for FaceTime settings.

FaceTime for Mac

FaceTime for Multiple devices

Now, Apple has really made this part very easy for their users. They can use FaceTime on n number of devices with the same email id. This lets you take call anytime on any device. It is very easy especially for the entire family who is using Apple devices.

I guess I have done my part. For any queries or suggestions, please feel free to write your comments below. Thank you!

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