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Hey guys, I will tell you today how you can shop in UK or UK Online Store even you don’t have UK Address? It’s because of MyUKMailBox that offers something which helps you in shopping and Parcel/mail forwarding to your actual address. So, let’s see what MyUKMailBox is and what’s their features, prices etc.

What is MyUKMailBox?

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MyUKMailBox is Affordable, Safe & Reliable UK mail and Parcel forwarding service which is available for the people in all over the world. You can do UK Online Shopping and with the help of MyUKMailBox get your products delivered physically to your country of residence in just few simple steps.

Why Should You Use MyUKMailBox?

Most of the time, many incredible products at unbelievable prices becomes available (on many shopping sites) which you want to buy in the UK but the problem is most UK Online Store don’t ship their products outside UK or the country of your choice.

If even they do so, they will put very high shipping amount and charge you very huge.

To solve this problem, MyUKMailBox has been launched to ship your products when you want, where you want and how you want.

How Does MyUKMailBox Works?

First of all, you need to Sign Up to MyUKMailBox and get your very own Sheffield street address.

So, just go to SignUp Page and it will look like screenshot shared below. You can SignUp with Facebook or SignUp with Google+ or You can fill your details and click on “Get UK Address

SignUp for MyUKMailBox


This address, you can use to shop or send your UK mail or packages or parcels and they will forward them to you anywhere in the world, yeah… all over the globe. You can see below-attached picture for extra clarification on how it work.

How MyUKMailBox Work


Best Features that MyUKMailBox Offers:

#1 Get Your Own UK Street Address:

When you sign up with MyUKMailBox, they will give you very own UK Street Address. Their service allows you to receive deliveries from any company like Royal Mail, DHL, TNT, Hemes or any other. You address will be like this-

John Smith
Unit D6 Alison Business Centre
40 Alison Crescent , Suite #00000 (the number will be unique to you)
S2 1AS

The best part is that they can also sign for the packages for you and their reception works for long hours so this will ensure to receive all your goods on the day of delivery.

Finally, you can get all your shopping products delivered there and treat it as you would do at your home to receive deliveries.

#2 Securely Parcel Forwarding: always try for best result in terms of customer satisfaction and quality services. Parcel forwarding is a simple concept and you can enjoy their mail and parcel forwarding services all over the world.

Their global presence means they are experts in shipping worldwide and they can make sure every parcel that arrives at your UK street address is forwarded on to you safely and securely.

#3 Photo Service:

Their Photo Service is better than their competitor and no other UK mail or parcel forwarding service offers this features. It’s something unique and very necessary for You.

In case if you don’t know, what Photo Service is that you are able to view your product in full size at high resolution as well as thumbnails in your user area and through the link that they will send you by email when a package arrives for you.

This is very important features because when your package arrives you can see exactly what it looks like to check if it is what you were expecting and the same what you have ordered. You can also request some additional photo of the content of your packages if you want.

#4 Address Book:

With their premium membership, you will have an address book in which you can store multiple addresses in your account.

That means, you can store different, different addresses for friends, family members etc. So you can just select that address and send your UK shopping to your friends and family whoever you want.

#5 Online Mailbox Management:

You will have your vitual mailbox where you can manage all your mail. When items arrive they will mail you and you will be able to see where the item came from along with more details like dimensions, weight and high resolution photograph of your item.

#6 Parcel Consolidation and Repacking:

Parcel Consolidation and repacking is the feature which can save your extra money, I’m telling you how..!

This feature allows you to get all your shopping products repacked and put in one box. Suppose, if you order something from eBay, something from Asos, something from Amazon etc. then you can put them all in one box and this will save extra shipping costs.

Yeah, not only all your items are repacked in a stronger box but will also reduce exess space to minimize costs to some extent. This service is for something 6.99GBP for standard members and Free to all premium members.

#7 Re-Invoicing:

Again this is unique features offered by MyUKMailBox available for both Standard as well as Premium members. In this service, you’re allowed to re-invoice your items and value them on the commercial Invoice that makes your products not getting overcharged when your shopping passed through your local customs.

In this service, you’re allowed to re-invoice your items and value them on the commercial Invoice that makes your products not getting overcharged when your shopping passed through your local customs.

#8 Free Storage:

MyUKMailBox offers a free storage period of 14 days for free members and 45 days for their premium members. If you want to store more than these free period than they can by paying some extra, you can check Prices and Plans section for that.

#9 BuyForMe Service:


Store for MyUKMailBox Import Service

This is the great features that MyUKMailBox offers its customer. In this service, you can buy your self from the vendors that don’t accept Debit or Credit cards whose billing address is outside United Kingdom.

They can even bid on behalf of you from eBay auctions and buy for you the items you require and this service cots around 8-10% for Premium Members.

#10 Insurance:

For peace of mind, you can avail their Insurance service which can insure your shopping items against loss or damage (available for both Standard & Premium members)

#11 Tracking:

All the shipments are sent by a fully traced service through DHL and they will provide you with a tracking number so you can track your package on every step of the way.

#12 Excess Baggage

They offer this “Excess Baggage” feature where you get shipment all you suitcases that you need to pay the extortionate airline luggage fees. And again this saves you a good amount of money.

#13 Import: also offers an import service. This service is especially for businesses but a personal customer can also take advantages of it.

In this service, Suppose you need to buy something from a retailer outside the UK, you can buy it and they will accept delivery of it.

Pricing & Membership Plans:

MyUKMailBox currently offers three types of Membership Plans which are STARTER, BASIC and PREMIUM. You can buy the plan which suites you the best.

MyUKMailBox Price and Plans



So, this was all about MyUKMailBox i.e. what they are and what features they offer to their customers with different membership.

If you’re looking for a good, safe & reliable UK Mail and Parcel Forwarding Service then you can go with MyUKMailBox. Yeah, it’s affordable too.

Kindly share your views in the comment box and let me know what are you thinking about MyUKMailBox…!


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