How to Suggest Facebook Friends to Add Themselves Using Facebook Social Toolkit [Patched]

Previously i have shared the tutorial related to Facebook about How to Bypass/Solve Facebook Picture verification. In this article, I have written about the Facebook Pranks which you have never seen before. Have you ever got any notification in your facebook account that you are suggested to Add Yourself by your facebook friend? But what […]

How To Create Nameless Folder In Computer – Folder Without Name

Hi Friends, Today, I’m with a small but interesting tutorial. You may have created thousand of folders in your computer but, have you ever wanted or tried to create Nameless Folder i.e. Folder without any name?  Here, i will let you known How To Remove Name of any Folder and make them Nameless In Windows OS […]

How to Bypass / Solve Facebook Picture Verification

Here is How to Bypass Facebook Picture Verification or How to Solve Facebook Picture Verification. Facebook is #1 online social networking website/service. Almost every internet users are using/enjoying facebook because it is also popular and free that means users don’t need to pay to use their service except internet charges. In other hand it has […]

How To Take Screenshot in Windows PC & Android Phone

Here is How to Take Screenshot in Windows PC: There are the couple of reasons you might need to capture your computer’s screen or application windows. One of the most common is to copy your screen content as an image file that can be inserted into a document and shared with other users. Microsoft Windows […]

Create Keyboard Shortcut to Open Any Program in Windows

Hi friends, As we have shared our first article on this blog (“”) about the method how to create a Free blog in 2 minutes on Blogger platform with investing any types of money, today we will show you how to create own keyboard shortcut to open any desired program in windows PC. Yes, its […]

Check Which Version of Windows is Installed in Your PC

Different people likes to use different Operating System on their Computer/Laptop. This article is about MS Windows. If you are using any version of Microsoft Windows then you can easily check/determine the version of the windows that’s currently running in your Computer. Yes its too easy, As you know every job can be performed in […]

How to Create a Free Blog on Blogger in Just 2 Minutes

Hi everyone, I created this blog (i.e., so first of all, Welcome all of you in our new blog. Today I’m going to post our first article on AllTechWay, in this tutorial, I will show you how you can create a blog on blogger platform without any types of investment of money. From some days […]

How to Bypass Email Verification on Any Website

How to Bypass Email Verification on Any Website Here you will learn How to Bypass Email Verification on Any Websites using Temporary Email Websites or with Top 10 Disposable Mail Services. Many websites require you to sign up to use a particular service/website. Some of the websites ask your e-mail to increase the security level […]