Payclick Native Ad Network: Highly Profitable Advertising Network (Review)


Whether you have a well-established website or a startup blog, offers an excellent ad network for generating more revenues from the native advertising model. This network generates a staggering 1.62 billion impression a month with 37.2 million clicks. Advertisers experience an average CTR of 2.3% from this ad network, with CTRs being as high as 5% in some categories.

Why Payclick’s Native Ad Format?

Payclick native ads

This is a highly efficient ad format that blurs the line between a promotional and organic environment. A non-intrusive, organic approach helps in driving more visitors to your website, while they come chasing for something of value.

How Native Advertising Helps Advertisers?

Businesses looking for the more affordable way to advertise their products/services will find native advertising a cost-effective strategy. The ad experience has a natural form within the overall user experience provided on the website or ad platform.

Payclick’s ad formats comply with the requirements set by the IAB, the industrial standard.

Why Should You take Native Ads & Payclick Seriously?

  • Higher Engagement: Native ads provide higher engagement levels compared to conventional non-native ads. This translates into higher CTR and revenues.
  • Shareable: These ads are readily shareable because they have relevant and valuable content.
  • High Deliverability: These ads can also get around ad blocking programs.
  • Reach Mobile Devices: Native ads also work effectively with mobile platforms.
  • Responsive Design: Payclick’s delivers responsive native ads that help ensure that your ads can reach across any device, thus increasing reach and exposure.

Payclick Responsive Ads

When a publisher embeds the code, the Payclick ads automatically adapt to the device from which the website is being accessed. This allows advertisers to reach any device used by their target audience. At the same time, publishers are also able to drive more traffic and increase their earnings.

Features that Make Payclick Special

There are many features that make Payclick an easy way to reach their target audience. Its features also make it extremely easy for publishers to join its network.

Payclick widget

Sign-up with Small Traffic:

Any website with any volume of traffic can sign-up for an account with Payclick. Even if you have just started, this ad network will approve your site if you are generating traffic through ethical means.

Quick Approval (i.e. Easy to Get Started):

Google AdSense and many other ad networks take a lot of time to approve their publisher accounts. They may not even assign a reason if your account gets rejected. On the other hand, Payclick takes minutes to verify your account and traffic sources before you can log-in and get into your admin panel. A quick approval process doesn’t mean that anyone can become part of this network. It uses industry-leading technology to detect any unethical traffic-generation methods used by websites.

Better Payment Methods Available:

Payclick not only offers multiple payment methods, it has a clean payment history record. PayPal and wire transfer have become the industry standard for payout methods in the advertising arena. This ad network takes it to another level. You can get your payment in many other methods including e-Payments and Payoneer.

Support for CPM & CPC: Depending on traffic volume, publishers can choose how they want to be paid by Payclick. For example, you can prefer CPM model if you have good amount of traffic. Thus, there will be no need to wait for clicks.

Easy to Setup:

Anyone with basic IT skills can use Payclick. The widget setup is simple. All you have to do is to paste the code whenever you want to show the ad on your site. There are at least 50 ad unit settings options for you to determine who the ads be displayed on your site.

Withdraw at Just $20:

Payclick provides ease in one more way – minimum threshold payments. If your account accumulates a balance of $20, you can withdraw the balance. Most of the other ad networks require a minimum balance of $100 for withdrawing the account balance. This is ideal for small website owners and bloggers.

PayClick Payment Proof

Payclick’s Industry Presence

Payclick is a native advertising network that has been in business since 2010. Its algorithms have evolved over the years to develop specific projects for specific traffic types. It is due to this evolution that this network can allow ads to achieve CTRs of up to 5%. This network is spread across 107 nations and has over 120,000 advertisers. High-engagement is the key that has helped it drive cost-efficient and highly profitable results for its advertisers and publishers.

Easy to enter, easy to setup and manage, Payclick is an excellent native advertising platform for both publishers and advertisers. While publishers will find this platform easy to use and more rewarding, advertisers love its native advertising nature. You may have a new blog with a small amount of traffic or a website with thousands of visits per day, this native ad network is capable of handling and rewarding anything. All it demands is that the traffic sources be ethical.

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