Launched POP Ads – New Website Monetization Tool


Hey Guys, Hope you all know about URL Shortener as I already shared in the previous article about Top 5 URL Shortner Websites. With URL shortener website, you can not only shorten your long URL but also it is one of the best ways to earn money online just by sharing the shorten links. And the best URL shortener website as of now is no other So, I think you all are earning some handsome money from Launched POP Ads New Website Monetization Toool

Recently, launched POP Ads as new Website Monetization technique. POP Ads is the great addition to the old monetization tool like- Link, Entries, Exits etc. With Pop Ads, you can make some extra money from your website’s traffic. You need to do is to just switch ON the “Pop Ads” from the TOOls option. Well, I have described in details on how to activate and use it.

In case if you don’t know –

Pop Up ads are the online advertisements that are displayed in new browser window. These ads can show up either in the foreground or under the currectly active content. It is intended to attract web traffic. So, you can earn more $$$ in your account.

How to Use POP Ads on Your Website/Blog

It’s very easy, if you want to enjoy the power of Pop ads then you can follow simple steps mentioned below.

  • First of all login into your account,
  • Once you logged in, you will able to see “TOOLS” option in the top right corner.
  • Click on “Website Monetization” from the “TOOLS” POP Ads New Website Monetization

  • In the next page, you will see many option. Just scrowl down, you will get Pop Ads feature.
  • Click on it to turn “ONPop Ads.
  • After that click on GENERATE SCRIPT.
Activate ShorteSt POPAds
  • You’re done. Now copy the generated script and paste the script code to your website.

Nate: If you are already using script to your website then you must replace your old script by new generated script in order to make pop ads appear on your website.

Note 2: By default, the standard capping is set to 1 ad per 24 hours, if you want to change it then please contact them.

Use Pop Ads as Well as Old Website Monetization Tools

Yeah…! Don’t forget to use old website monetization Tools like – Link Ads, Entries Ads, Exits Ads etc with new feature i.e. Pop Ads.

Link Ads:

If you’re turning ON link ads feature, the script allows you to short all the links that you have on your website. It can be used as in two modes- one is include domain and other is exclude domains. You can include domains and the domains will earn money means the script will short the links of that domains only and . Other is exclude domains which is exactly reverse of the first one. By using Exclude Domains feature, the script will shorten all the links om your site execpt the domains you have added in Exclude domains list. You can change it from “Domains selection type”

Entry Ads:

When your site, blog or forum is visited frequently, but you haven’t got numerous external links, you’re also prone to money making. Why, this is because will be monetizing your traffic. If your turn ON this feature, the script will show your visitor(blog reader) an intermediate page with an ad.

Exit Ads:

In simple word, it monetizes your bounce rate. Exit ad is useful for everyone who has blog, online shop, forum site etc. It will show an advertisement only to visitors who decide to leave your site within a few seconds – when they use the GO BACK button. Every time someone/visitor goes back and sees an intermediate page, you get money!

POP Ads (Newly Launched):

If you enable the most recent monetizing feature of named Pop Ads then you are allowed to enable additional advertisements on your website. When a user visits a site with pop ads, it open up in a new browser window hidden under the user’s current browser. The POP ADS is activated on click made by user at anywhere on your site/blog.


I personally use, no doubt it is the best URL shortener. I highly recommend everyone to use their with their most recent feature name POP Ads in order to increase/boost earning. Their link ads technique allow you to short all links and Exit Ads monetizes your bounce rate. Thanks for reading.



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