How to Suggest Facebook Friends to Add Themselves Using Facebook Social Toolkit [Patched]

Previously i have shared the tutorial related to Facebook about How to Bypass/Solve Facebook Picture verification. In this article, I have written about the Facebook Pranks which you have never seen before. Have you ever got any notification in your facebook account that you are suggested to Add Yourself by your facebook friend? But what will you think if you will get such notification to Add or Subscribe yourself in your own Facebook account.

How to Suggest Facebook Friends to Add Themselves

Believe me, After using this Facebook Trick/Prank, for sometimes some of your friends may start thinking that you or someone created a fake profile with their name. Many of your friends will confuse with their own way.

Facebook Social Toolkit is an extension for Google Chrome Web Browser which lets you to Suggest your all facebook friends to Add Themselves in one click. This awesome tool is developed by Dinesh Bhosale.

Features of Facebook Social Toolkit:

A lots of interesting tools are available on Social Toolkit Extension which are Totely Free to use and some of them are paid in the paid section. For testing their paid tools you may use below key which is openly shared by Dinesh Bhosale.
Key: testkeyforall

List of all Tools of Facebook Social Toolkit:

Free Tools:

  1. Invite your Friends to Like Your Page,
  2. Add All Friends to Your Fb Group at Once,
  3. Accept All Friends Request at Once,
  4. Event Invitation Tool,
  5. Send Multiple Friend Request at Once,
  6. Suggest Friend to Them-self.

Free Removal Tools:

  1. Unlike All Facebook Page At Once,
  2. Unfriend All The Friends At Once,
  3. Delete All Comments At Once,
  4. Reject All Friends Request At Once.

Paid Tools:

  1. Facebook Group Member Tagger,
  2. Facebook Group Transfer,
  3. Post On Multiple Groups At Once,
  4. Post on Facebook Pages That you Own,
  5. Claim as Group Admin,
  6. Group admin notifications,
  7. Group Admin Transfer,
  8. Message All Friends At Once.

How To Suggest Facebook Friends to Add Themselves: (Patched)

  • Add Social Toolkit to your Chrome Web Browser.
Facebook Social Toolkit Extension
  • Open in Google Chrome.
  • Start Social Toolkit tools.
  • Once the Facebook Social Toolkit appears, click on “Suggest friends to themself” as shown in picture below.
Suggest Facebook Friends to Add Themselves Tools
  • Let Facebook Social Toolkit to execute the code, it will start suggesting.
  • You’r done. Enjoy.


So, this was the tutorial for suggesting your Facebook friends to Add themselves. It is just a prank only and will not produce any harm. Using this tool you can simply make your frineds fool without any doubt. You can see, the proof, how my friend suggested me.
Suggest Facebook Friends to Add Themselves
Facebook Social Toolkit Extension is 100% Free and you can suggest unlimited number of friends to Add Themselves without any limitations, without any blocking issues. Just share your views about this article by commenting below, share the link of this post with your friends and enjoy Facebook Social Toolkit



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