TeslaThemes Affiliate Program – Tips to Make $1000+/Month


Tips to Make $1000+/Months from TeslaThemes Affiliate Program (Genuine Review from AllTechWay )

Hey, do you want to make guaranteed $1000+ over the Internet? Yeah of course..! Who doesn’t want..! You might be thinking How’s this possible, and I am saying yes it’s possible. I’m not telling to join any ads network, not to do any illegal things.

Usually, people (Bloggers, Webmasters, etc) keep depended on Advertizing (Ads) Networks, yeah, there is some good Ads network companies such as Google AdSense, Media.net, Infolinks etc, but in fact, it’s really hard and even impossible for newbie to make over $1000/month from any Ads Network. Except these, there are some unlimited alternative ways to make money Online but many of us may not aware about this alternative technique.

TeslaThemes Affiliate Program review


I am going to share an affiliate program which is “TeslaThemes Affiliate Program” that brought an opportunity for you to make over $1000/month or even $50 – $100 per day, it’s all depends on your work.

No matter if you’re new to affiliate marketing, you will learn, just go through this article and if you’re already into affiliate marketing then there is a bonus point for you, even you can directly join TeslaThemes affiliate program from SignUp link provided at the bottom.

So let’s start…..

TeslaThemes Affiliate Program Review:

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a marketing or promoting program where we can get commission by selling parent company’s product. You just have to refer someone to any online product and when that person purchased the product, you will get a commission out of it. The commission amount may vary from $1 to $10000 even more, depending on the price of product, rate of commission etc.

TeslaThemes (Introduction)

[One of the Best Affiliate Program}

TelsaThemes is originally the WP Theme & Plugins provider which design clean, beautiful and truly impressive WordPress theme with powerful features and also provide Free Premium Support.

Themes/Templates and Plugins are all time popular and best product to promote. This is because, if you’re having health or beauty niche blog and if you’re going to promote Gadgets related product then probably you won’t get expected sales and finally your sales commission will be always lower than expectation. But, in this digital world, WP Themes and Plugins are the product which is needed in almost every type Blog. So, you can promote it on any Blogging niche, social medias, etc. and you will end up making more and more sales.

The most common mistake what some people make is that they do not choose proper Affiliate marketing program and finally not able to increase their sales. So, the product should be standard and widely accepted. When it comes to WordPress Themes affiliate program, “TeslaThemes” is what you need. It’s really most trusted and amazing. Look at the features if TeslaThemes Affiliate Programs.

Exciting Features of Tesla Themes Affiliate Program:

  • Get 50% Commission for All Sales: TeslaThemes offers flat 50% commission from all sales which is the identity of a good affiliate program.
  • 90 Days Return Cookie: This is quite enough if someone clicks on your affiliate link and then you will also get 50% commission even they buy after 70 days (i.e. within 90 days)
  • They offer 15% Extra as 2 Tier Commission from the sales made by the users whose you referred.
  • Too easy Sign Up process for the Affiliate program and need to of any approval.
  • You will have the Same Account for Purchase and Doing Affiliate
  • TeslaThemes offer Themes at the affordable price, so you will have High Conversion Rate.
  • Receive payment directly into your PayPal account, their minimum payout is $1. So, you can even withdraw 1$. Isn’t it cool.
  • It provides Real-time Affiliate Statistics.
  • It provides PayPal as payout system which is widely accepted.
  • Most important is, You will have Complete Toolkit for Affiliate Marketer which includes Banners, Links etc.

How to Get Start with TeslaThemes Affiliate Program? (SignUp Process):

As I already told above that SignUp process is very easy and it doesn’t have any approval process. So, you can get start with TeslaTheme affiliate withing 2-5 minutes. Just follow the below-mentioned steps-

Step 1: At first visit this TeslaThemes page and click on “BECOME A MEMBER” or “Register” button.

TeslaThemes Become Affiliate


Step 2: When you have clicked the above link, it will redirect you to the “Sign Up/Sign In” Page. Now if you have already an account of TeslaThemes then Login with your credential. If you’re new to TeslaThemes then click on “Signup here” button


Even you can directly “Log in with Facebook“.

TeslaThemes Affiliate Sign Up Sign In Page


Step 3: Now, you have the main Sign Up page, simply fill all your proper information such as Email Address, Username, Password, Country and finally click on “SIGN UP” button to complete the sign-up process.

SignUp for TeslaThemes Affiliate Account


Finally, you’re now an affiliate of TeslaThemes. Just do Login and get access to your TeslaThemes Affiliate Program’s resources.

Terms & Conditions of TeslaThems:

A good affiliate program must have some strict policy against scammers and cheaters. TeslaThemes also have some Terms of the service

  • Having a Paypal Account is necessary to receive your commission amount i.e. payment
  • You will not Get Commission from own purchases.
  • You are not allowed to use PPC advertising (Pay Per Click) to promote the product with your Affiliate Link.
  • They will pay you for sales commission, not for per click basis.
  • You’re allowed to create website/blog to promote TeslaThemes product but make sure you’re not including Tesla Themes Brand name in domain name or PPC keywords

Oh! Yeah…! Terms of Services are really easy to follow. Just keep in mind these Terms and start earning.

Tips to Increase TeslaThemes Affiliate Sales:

  • Content Writing: You can write the blog post about TeslaThemes Reviews, TeslaThemes Deals, TeslaThemes Offers and add your affiliate link or/and banner ads which will ultimately increase sales.
  • Writing Product Review: Writing product review is also a good idea which every newbie to affiliate marketing experts almost all follow this method. You can find various WP Themes on TeslaThemes to promote, so just write some good and genuine review and add your affiliate link in it.
  • Email Marketing: This is the most popular and truly amazing method to promote any product that drives good conversions for sure.
  • Use Social Medias: In this digital worlds, social media sites are really best place to reach various types of audiences/peoples of different levels. You can create and share an attractive Banner with your product affiliate links on social media sites like – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ to increase your sales.
  • Use URL Shorteners: This is optional tips but you can use URL shortening to shorten your affiliate link. So, that audience can’t notice that you’re doing affiliate marketing.

Proof of Payment from TeslaThemes:

Here is the screenshot of one of the Payments what I have attached below and this is just a few $$$$ dollar, You can even more than this from TeslaThemes Affiliate.

AllTechWay Payment Proof from TeslaThemes



So, it’s Win-Win situation and the great opportunity for you to become an affiliate at TeslaThemes. TeslaThemes Affiliate program is really amazing program which is offering 50% Commission & 15% extra 2 Tier Commission.

Join TeslaThemes..!

Grab this Money Making opportunity and earn some handsome Money. Peoples are making huge money from Affiliate Marketing, and I believe you can do this too. So, why waiting? Just Join TeslaThemes Affiliate Program, Start promoting and you’ll end up making $$$$ every month.


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