TeslaThemes Vs MyThemeShop – Which is Best Premium WP Theme Club?


TeslaThemes Vs MyThemeShop – Which is Best Premium Theme Club?

No doubt WordPress is the most popular CMS or Blogging platform for all Bloggers/Webmasters/Internet Marketers or other people who are looking to create a personal space on the web for establishing a robust online presence.

Theme is the first thing which defines the quality and appearances of your blog. It should be Cleanly designed, Light in weight, Fast loading, SEO as well as User-friendly etc. So, we must choose the Best Theme Provider because Only the best Theme provider can provide a good theme which is complete in all aspect with premium support and many advanced awesome features.

There are many Premium WordPress Themes provider companies where you can find cool stylish Theme for your blog. TeslaThemes & MyThemeShop are two best out of them.

I tried both of theme clubs and in this post, I’m sharing my experience with both of these companies i.e. What features which offer, Which is best among two and which one you should choose….!

TeslaTheme Vs MyThemeShop (UnTold Comparative Review):

TeslaThemes Vs MyThemeShop


#1 Design & Uniqueness:

TeslaThemes designs WordPress Themes with Clear Coding and more Uniqueness in design that allows users an impressive look. On the other hand, MyThemeShop too provides best designing but sometimes the buyers are diverted because of less uniqueness. They claim to launch unique themes but many of their themes have just some minute changes in designing with same basic structure. Yeah, both have SEO optimized coding that help to rank easy in search engine. Also, some of MyThemeShop themes are bit good loading as compared to TeslaThemes but not all.

  • MyThemeShop: Almost Same Design.
  • TeslaTheme: Almost Same Design
  • Winner: TeslaThemes (for more uniqueness)

#2 Documentation:

TeslaThemes made easy for their buyers with a step by step instructions with useful screenshot and explanation manual from A to Z on How to upload, install, make your theme live on your blog and for other functional features. TeslaThemes even allows online documentation. So, the intended buyers can take a look before buying.

MyThemeShop also provides their buyers a clear documentation with video tutorials in similar way but documentations of MyThemeShop are available for the user only after purchases. They don’t provide any option to see that documentation online.

  • Clear Documentation File: Both almost same.
  • Video Tutorial: MyThemeShop (Winner)
  • Online Documentation: TeslaThemes (Winner)

#3 Updates:

Update in anything is always good and it is necessary to update with time. And here, more update means more big fixes, more addition of extra advanced features.

  • MyThemeShop: Not fixed time for Updates + One Click Update
  • TeslaTheme: Weekly Updates + One Click Update
  • Winner: TeslaThemes

#4 Supported Domains:

Both support unlimited domains. If you’re thinking to buy themes from these Theme Clubs and if having some doubt whether it can be usable on other blogs too or not? Then let me make it clear that TeslaThemes as well as MyThemeShop, both provide themes which are Unlimited domains supported means if you wish, you can use that purchased single theme on unlimited number of your blogs,

  • MyThemeShop: Unlimited
  • TeslaTheme: Unlimited
  • Winner: Both

#5 Responsiveness:

Responsive Design


The Themes should be responsive so as the blog can be viewed from any of the Internet web browsers from any Devices (PC, Laptop, Smartphone, Tab etc) without any layout issues with fully user-friendly. Both provide responsive theme.

  • MyThemeShop: Both almost same
  • TeslaTheme: Both almost same
  • Winner: Both

#6 HTML Themes

HTML Theme


TeslaThemes provide buyers the HTML versions and they have full control and can be converted to Joomla, Drupal or anything else you prefer. But, MyThemeShop won’t give HTML version.

  • MyThemeShop: No
  • TeslaTheme: Yes
  • Winner: TeslaThemes

#7 Free Customization

MyThemeShop doesn’t offer any free customizations to their buyers rather they simply do priority bug fixing from time to time. But in the other hand, TeslaThemes allow 1 Hour free customizations to their all buyers totally free of cost.

  • MyThemeShop: NO
  • TeslaTheme: YES, 1 Hour Free customization
  • Winner: TeslaTheme

#8 Premium Plugins:

MyThemeShop even provides some premium Plugins along with Themes for your WordPress site. But, TeslaThemes not yet selling any premium plugins.

  • MyThemeShop: YES
  • TeslaTheme: NO
  • Winner: MyThemeShop

#9 Test Dashboard:

TeslaThemes provides an option for buyers by means of which you can test the dashboad before buying any theme or membership. You need to just click on demo button and you will have option to test it in TeslaThemes but at the same time there is no such option in MyThemeShop.

  • MyThemeShop: NO
  • TeslaTheme: YES
  • Winner: TeslaThemes

#10 Single Theme Price:

Are you planning to buy single theme, let me tell you the single theme price in both the theme clubs. At MyThemeShop you can buy one theme for $59 which seems a bit costly but TeslaThemes offers one theme at $48 which is ultimately cheaper than MyThemeShop.

  • MyThemeShop: $59/Theme (A bit costly)
  • TeslaTheme: $48/Theme (Cheaper)
  • Winner: TeslaThemes

#11 Price To Access All Themes

If someone want to access all of their Themes then they can access it by purchasing their “All Themes” membership, yeah both of these Theme Clubs offer this plan but at different rates. At $167/year you can access all the Themes & Plugins of MyThemeShop but in TeslaThemes buyers can access quality 56 current themes at just $59/year and again TeslaThemes Won.

  • MyThemeShop: $167/year
  • TeslaTheme: $59/year
  • Winner: TeslaThemes

#12 Lifetime Package Pricing:

TeslaThemes offers $199 one time payment plan in which you can access their all current themes plus all the upcoming 18+ themes which they aim to develop every year with all PSD Files.

But, MyThemeShop doesn’t allow access/use their all Thems & Plugins for Lifetime in one time payment.

  • MyThemeShop: Won’t Offer Such Plan
  • TeslaTheme: $199/One Time Payment
  • Winner: TeslaThemes

#13 Money Back Guarantee:

Money Back Guarantee


Under some selected circumstances MyThemeShop allows Money Back and for this you have to raise tickets if the item not working or broken.

While in TeslaThemes’s Money Back Guarantee, Within 14 days of purchase, if for any reason you are not satisfied with TeslaThemes they will issue a prompt and full money refund.

  • MyThemeShop: YES
  • TeslaTheme: YES

#14 Affiliate Commission:

MyThemeShop as well as TeslaThemes, both offers Affiliate program. Yeah, It is true that MyThemeShop offers 70% commissions to their all affiliates, but that 70% commission an affiliate only get when someone buy any theme or membership with 0% coupon code. Suppose, if you’re offering 20% OFF Coupon Code then you’ll earn only rest 50% Commissions. That is almost same to TeslaThemes

TeslaThemes won’t distract their affiliates as they simply offers flat 50% Commission for all sales with 20% lifetime coupon code. So, the claim of MyThemeShop that they offer Highest Paying Affiliate program in WordPress industry is failed here.

  • MyThemeShop: 70% Commission with 0% Coupon Code
  • TeslaTheme: 50% Commission with 20% Coupon Code
  • Winner: Both

Check: TeslaThemes Affiliate Program Complete Details

#15 Return Cookies

If someone/buyer clicks on your affiliate link and then you will also get some % commission even they buy after many days within in Return cookies period. So, larger the Cookies period, larger will be benefit.

  • MyThemeShop: Only 60 Days
  • TeslaTheme: 90 Days
  • Winner: TeslaTheme

#16 2 Tier Lifetime Commission

MyThemeShop offers only 10% Lifetime 2 Tier Commission but it’s slightly more in the case of TeslaThemes. You will get 15% on every sale made by the affiliate referred by you for TeslaThemes.

  • MyThemeShop: Only 10%
  • TeslaTheme: 15%
  • Winner: TeslaThemes

#17 Affiliate Payout:

Affiliate payout method is almost same in both of these Theme’s Clubs. Both are having Monthly Payout system and TeslaThemes offers payout even if you earn $1.

  • MyThemeShop: Monthly
  • TeslaTheme: Monthly and even if you earn $1

#18 Support

MyThemeShop provides premium support to their buyers with many different ways such as Forums, FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and Video Tutorial.

Similarly, TeslaThemes Offers full premium support to their buyer with Forums, Online Documentations and in addition If anyone want customizations in their themes like Add new features, Change or Remove, they charge $30/hour for it.

  • MyThemeShop: Forums, FAQ, Video Tutorial.
  • TeslaTheme: Forums, Online Documentations and extra $30/hour for extra customizations.

Final Views

Both MyThemeShop and TeslaThemes provide excellent looking responsive themes for WordPress sites and blogs.

If you ask me, I will recommend you to go with TeslaThemes as You have clearly seen above, They won most of the points while MyThemeShop a few only.

Finally, according to my personal views, the winner is TeslaThemes and seems to be having more advantages.

Share your views in comments, Which one is Best? Do let me know what do you think..!


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