Top 11 Hidden Funny Google Tricks


Top & Best Funny Google Tricks

Hello friends,
As we all know, Google is the best Search Engine in the world that provide information related to our query and then we easily solve our problems. Google also provides Google+, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Books etc. and I’m sure that there is no need of more introduction about Google, so come forward to the main topic…
Do you know? there are some funny tricks in Google. Yes, what’s you have heard is right. There are some interesting tricks to make some fun. In this article, I’m gonna show you Top Funny Google Tricks.

Top 11 Hidden & Funny Google Tricks:

#1 Google Sphere:

Google Sphere trick will show you Google just like a moving globe. To see this effect/trick, Open in your computer and in the search box type Google Sphere and hit enter. Now click on first result/link. Now you’ll able to see Google sphere trick/effect.

#2 Google Gravity:

Google Gravity is the trick which will show the effect of gravity on the Google.
You’re going to see Google logo, search box and all other stuffs on the Google page falling down to the button of the browser. To see this effect type Google Gravity in the search box and select the first link of the result.


#3 Zerg Rush:

This trick will make Google search result to chew up. Just open Google, type Zerg Rush and hit enter

#4 Google Rainbow:

With this cool tricks, you will see rainbow over Google. For see this effect open, type Google Rainbow in the search box and hit enter. Now click on the first link of result.

#5 elgooG(Google Mirror):

With this trick you can find the mirror image of the Google and when you search something, the results also are in mirror images only. To Get this tricks type elgooG in Google search box, hit enter and click on first link of the search result.

#6 let me Google that for you:

This is on of the interesting google trick, here you can do the work for your friends who are lazy. To see this trick. Go to and type the search item and hit enter. Now you’ll get an URL, just send it for your friends.

let me Google that for you


#7 Do a barrel Roll:

The trick called “Do a barrel Roll” will make the Google search result to rotate 360. To see this effect, just go to, type Do a berrel Roll in the search box and hit enter.

#8 Weenie Google:

This trick will descrese the size of Google. Just go to type Weenie Google there and click on first result.

#9 Atari Breakout:

Atari Breakout is just a game which you can play in your browser without downloading any files. To play Atari Breakout game go to, type Atari Breakout hit enter. You will able to see Atari Breakout game in your browser, just start playing and enjoy it.

#10 Google Terminal:

With Google Terminal, you can see the terminal version of Google. To see this effect type Google Terminal in the google search box and click on I am feeling lucky or click on the first result.

#11 Epic Google:

Epic Google is just a big brother of Weenie Google about which we have discussed in above points. With this trick, the size of Google will increase automatically, thus Epic Google will show the Google in Big font version. To see this effect just type Google Epic or Epic Google in the search box and make a click on first result, it will show like following image.

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